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The Heater Hanger is a device made for hanging gas furnaces and air handlers in residential attics or commercial applications. The Heater Hanger supports the furnace from underneath the unit and the emergency pan simply slides in place. Please take a look at our video for a short demonstration.

With 20 feet of air craft cable at each corner, you'll have plenty of length for every application. Heater Hanger dimensions are 72" x36". No more hanging units with razor strap. Reduce time spent in hot attics by 2 hours and have uniformed installs.
The emergency drain pan simply slides in place. No more strapping up the unit and rigging up the drain pan. Just hang, level, and slide in the drain pan.
Comes in a space saving 4 foot box which fits on a standard pallet, 14 gauge 1.25" square steel tubing, adjustable cable locks with 1/8" galvanized cable-20' on each corner already assembled, emergency drain pan supporters, 4 bolts and wing nuts. No tools needed.